#3 My first time at Santa Monica and the one thing I liked the most at this day

This picture arose at the first day I went to Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a very nice place. At least you have to be there one time in my opinion.

It was almost exactly one year ago on my 3-week EF Santa Barbara trip with my brother Ron and our french roommate Mathias who doesn’t speak english and much less german. The only german word he really knew was „scheisse“ – what means „shit“. In Germany we use it when we hit our feet on the bed and curse „SCHEISSE!“.

Back to topic… 😀

We were at the pier, ate awesome food for awesome prices at „Thai Vegan“ and explore some little shops and places.

The most beautiful thing I liked was this „powerful calmness“ when the sunset is going perfect (like an viral Instagram picture) and the people becoming quieter and let the day fade out. This mood was the best at this day. I don’t know when I felt this way before. In this mood I took this picture and inside of me, when I look at it I get this feeling a bit back.

So this is the story to this picture. 10 days out to my next trip to California 🙂

Best wishes,


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