#2 Los Angeles – Intro

Hey, nice to meet you here 🙂

In this article I want to explain my next big project. In 11 days my best friend Jan (IG/TW: @jan_jore) and me will go to L.A. for almost 2 month. In this time we will travel around, explore California, meet nice people and the highlight: We will build up our acting skills at an acting school! (www.theactingcorps.com)

In addition we will go to castings and learn how the american film industry works. I’m a bit nervous about that so I think there’ll be a lot of funny moments and story’s to tell. 😀

On Instagram (@philbeckr) , Twitter (@p_beckr) and YouTube (coming soon) you can follow the journey, too! Feel free to check it out and tell your friends about it!

Stay tuned! 🙂


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